History of the O'Connell Cup Tournament

In 2018 our Summer Cup Tournament was renamed to honor a long standing member of our group, Jo O'Connell.  Click the link below to find out the story of Jo and her husband Ed and their  past contributions to the Summer Cup tournament

New Local Rule about Flagstick Position During Putting

As most of you know by now, the golf rules have become more relaxed about the position of the flagstick while on the green.  In order to maintain an acceptable pace of play, the CGC Board has modified this rule with regards to our tournaments.  Please click on the link below to see this modification.


Cancellation Instruations

Cancellation Instruations

Cancellation Instruations

1. Prior to noon on Monday, if you have signed up to play that Thursday but need to cancel, you only need to send an email to cgc9holers@yahoo.com and the pairings group will take care of adjusting the pairings sheet and advising the rest of the team.

2. After noon on Monday and prior to 6:00 p.m. on Wed. if you need to cancel, you must send an email to all other members of your team and to cgc9holers .  Pairings will make the necessary adjustments to the pairings sheet.

3. In both of the cases above, if the captain of a team cancels, the second person on each team will automatically become the captain.

Members need to be conscientious about checking email at or around 6:00 p.m. on Wed. to make sure they are aware of any changes that have been made.

If you need to cancel after 6:00 p.m. on Wed., you should call the pro shop early Thursday morning and advise them of your cancellation; 508-896-1716; ext. 102

Enjoy your round.

Pace of Play Instructions

Cancellation Instruations

Cancellation Instruations

Pace of Play & golf etiquette go hand-in-hand; they have little if anything to do with skill level. Follow these tips to speed up Pace of Play.

● Stay up with the group in front of you.

● Plan each shot as you walk to your ball. Play ready golf

● Don’t wait in the cart for a ride to your ball! If you’re sharing a cart & your ball is close, while your partner plans her shot, get your club(s), go to your ball & prepare to hit.

● Don’t move, talk, or stand close to or directly behind a player or the hole when the player is addressing the ball.

● Help your partners; watch the flight of balls, especially off the tee. Use a visual marker such as a tree or bush to remember where a ball lands; it will help your group find the ball quickly.

● Take a rake with you when you enter a sand trap.

● When you approach the green in a golf cart or with a pull cart go to the back of the green closest to the next tee.

● If your ball is closest to the pin, remove the pin & place it so that it is not in the sight line of any putter. If you finish putting first, pick up the flagstick & have it ready to put back in the cup when the last person has holed out.

● Use “continuous” putting. If your first putt is within 1-2 feet of the hole, go ahead and finish putting.

● Putt now, score later. Mark your scorecard at the next tee.




We have had three invitations from other 9 Hole associations on the Cape to attend their Inter Club Invitationals

The first was the Dennis Niners event on Thursday, June 20th.  Eight of our players attended, and the winning first place team contained our own Audrey Gandini

The second was The Kings Way 9 holers tournament held on Tuesday, July 30th.

Nine of our players attended this tournament.  The first place team contained Sharon Gorman; the second place team contained Sharon Marotti; and the third place team contained Peg Sullivan.  In addition, Carolyn Broderick won closest to the pin for the Guest category.

The third tournament will be the Bass River tournament to be held Thursday August 22nd.  Currently we have 7 of our players signed up to attend this, with one slot still available.